beetlejuice is one funny Mofo

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beetlejuice the funnyest man alive



It should've been
"What color is a orange?"

Tez E says:

LOL he's such a confident liar

daye is how you spell bmw

Fanuel Xo says:

Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

If you laph you go to hell

When this was uploaded i was in kindergarten

Jason King says:

This man….. this legendary man was in WCW

Fedrock 8 says:

Man this dude is the smartest guy in the world.Hes funny to.And thats a compliment.

''spell bmw:" "bmw? dny" lol the nut up in his head makes me laugh everytime

SkyWolf 17 says:

"it's about 20ft"
for you yea

I think he works for English government , he's the top leader

"prolly bout 20 ft." LMAFOO

TheDOOD says:

Fuck carrots anyways…

Never trust a person that doesn’t love Beet. They are most definitely the Antichrist

Ammad Mira says:

This lil nigga 😂😂😂

Spell BMW.. BMW?… D. A. E. Y

buu Ho says:

When you high as fuk and people ask you question.

1000th sub no lie!!!!!!!!!!

1000th sub no lie!!!!!!!!!

gerberho1 says:

he had to throw one right answer in there to fuck with us

Da pope says:

Bettlejuice,the hero we don't deserve

1jiatin says:

Hes playing dumb to get views n get paid…now whos the dummy lol

Mrs Memes says:

How deep is a six foot hole… I dont know…. 20?

Mrs Memes says:

What is 1-1? Uhhh…. 35.

Josh Ball says:


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