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It’s time for one of my most requested videos, an inexpensive wig haul! I get so many questions about where I get my wigs, how much they cost, and how I make them look more natural (I’m at least tackling the first two in this video lmao). I went ahead and bought about 10 wigs online from affordable brands so I could show how much variety you can find at a low price. We’re looking like moneyyyy on a budget. I’ll list the wig names/colors as well as their price where I bought them. Let me know down below which was your favorite!

#1 Mane Concept – Bea Color 1B $36.95
#2 Mane Concept Bea Color 613 $36.95
#3 Bobbi Boss Yara Sleek Color 1B ($39.95 for original Yara/$44.90 for Yara sleek)
#4 Vella Vella – Alexis Color 1B $19.95
#5 Bobbi Boss – Xenon Color TT1B/GREEN $33.95
#6 Mane Concept – BS293 Color OS1B/Sapphire $34.95
#7 Janet Collection – Moon Color Plum Red $24.95
#8 Motown Tress – SL.Peony Color RT4/Cashew $35.95
#9 Motown Tress Romi – RT4/Blonde $34.95

You can get these from sites like or

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Can you do a video on styling and can you straighten it or curl it


CryBaby says:

I cant wait to buy some 😩😩😩 You looked Bomb in ALL of them😍😍😍😍💖 thank you so much for sharing!

mariuh559 says:

Silver on the last wig !!

mariuh559 says:

Can they be straightened?

Ah! Love these! That first one is my dream hair. Might have to grab that one.

all looks absolute stunning, special the blond one x

How to apply a wig video! You make it look so natural!

Lyxi Marie says:

Paint the last one blue!

So number 8 I'm trying to order but it says pick a color should I pick the grey since it looks grey 😭

I can’t find number #8 on the websites please help ash 😩💕

When are you gonna start doing make up videos again 😣😣😣😣😣😣

Taylor C. says:

whats the link to number 8? i want to buy the same exact one

LuLashes says:

Do you buy these wigs online ? Or in a beauty supply? I want to get into wigs so bad but I don't know shit about them 😩

That Vella Vella Alexis wig 😻 how do you apply your wigs? You make them look so bomb!

I can't find wig #1 😭 which website was it on again? They look super lovely! I should do this instead of dying my hair 😂

Question did you cut the blue wig cause it looks a lot shorter than the one on the website?

I looked in both websites you have in the bio but I can’t find the bea 1B, yara sleek color 1B, and SL peony color RT4/cashew, could you share the links ??!😭💔

Love love love this video! Thanks for sharing!!

Damn you’re my new favorite youtuber

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