~*AAC 2016 Vlog Part 1: CampCamp, My New Tinder, Reunited*~

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Basically just me being a perky camp counselor and annoying everyone. Go Fox.

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So… as a girl scout I'm not sure if half of the badges you listed are real

Halichika says:

"How old are you?" PFF XD

Angie Su says:

Instead of noticing fox I noticed the 707 cosplayer in the background at 3:30

yeah mama fox is a slytherin

I love the 707 in the back ground. It's love. #MysticMessengerTrash

707 spotted

Target acquired:

love ur cosplays for camp camp. Eventually gonna do a max cosplay👍

Nina says:

"You're supposed to be the responsible one!"
"I responsibly jaywalk!"

Sopuliuli says:

this video is truly the reason youtube was made


Calee June says:

Woah this was uploaded two days after my b-day last year. I just noticed( I'm so clueless.)

You should have asked me for Girl Scouts vests like I'm a dealer of them because I myself is a Girl Scout

I wanna hug chu guys ;-;

Friend! Where did you acquire your David wig? :3

Dan Archer says:

Lol I just got into Camp Camp

Archery , hiking, search and rescue biking , horseback, training, that will save you from a heart attack , scuba diving, miming , keeping up with rhyming, football, limbo , science, sculpting , pre cal , space ships , treasure hunting, bomb defusal, no refusal , fantasy , circus trapeze, & fights & ghosts & paints & snakes & knives & chests & dance & weights , ITS CAMP CAMP-

Dave just needed that picture

I must know what the wig for Nikki is cause I wanna cosplay as that child


My friends and I in a shellnut
(Yes,,, id do dav id,)

Max is with is toy bear while these campers run around AAC

"I responsibly jaywalked."

Your hair is perfect for Daniel.

Now I'm jealous cause I'm going to have to wear a wig.

Naruto cost players casually walk by.

We're definitely not in crippling debt-! 😀

we've got: archery hiking search and rescue biking horseback training that'll save you from a heart attack scuba diving miming keeping up with rhyming football limbo science stunting pre-calc spaceships treasure hunting bomb defusal no refusal fantasies circus trapeze and fights and ghosts and paints and snakes and knives and chess and dance and weights its camp camp~

ive had this recognized for like a week now

"I'm getting my j-walking badge"

6:18 the only thing I can focus on is the purple dude in the background 😂

Max says:

Gwen is 3rd wheeling kt so hard..

Zwis says:

I signed up for fan fiction wrighting camp

YES!! You did the THING!

Bunny bees is now a new species

hyperspace says:

5:09 dude whoever's doing that Rick Sanchez impression completely freaking NAILED IT (if it was an impression, that is)

Hey, Fox! My name is either Ravyn, Max, or Kyle, I go by all three. And, this Halloween I am going as Nerris The Cute. I stayed up late, sewing my own cape, my own hat (over construction paper, might I add), and cutting out Nerris ears to get them just right. My friend hid my hair in my hat and curled my bangs to give me Nerris's floof. I may be white (THAT IS NOT A RACIST THING, IT'S JUST THAT NERRIS IS AFRICAN AMERICAN AND I AM CAUCASIAN), but everyone I know says I look great. I'm kinda scared about asking this because, you probably might not even read this, but if you wanted to see them, I could send in pictures. Sincerely, Ravyn/Max/Kyle.

amidd2323 says:

theres a place i know thats tucked away a place where you and i can stay where we can go to laugh and play and have adventures everyday i know it sounds hard to believe but guys and gals its true camp campbell is the place for me and you we'll swim through lakes and climb up trees catch fish bugs bears and honey bees theres endless possibilities and no thats not hyperbole our mottos campe diem and that means im telling you… wev got archery and biking search and rescue biking horse back training that will save you from a heart attack scuba diving miming keeping up with ryming football limbo science stunting precal spaceships treasure hunting bomb defusial no refusal fantacies circus rapies and fights and ghost and something chess and dance and weights its camp camp
can someone remind me the part i forgot i memorized it all except that one word i think XD im trash

“I’m such a slut for hot chocolate”

always mobbed by the gravity falls people

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