5 Kinky/Curly Wigs under $35: Sistawigs.com

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Tula Tula says:

The last one is the best

Ok Bryana
I buy the wigs every one of them would look like a synthetic wig hats.
Like those old church ladies 😀

HaileyW says:

I swear you make every single wig you try on look good

I really like Valentina, did you thin it out some?

Saul good says:

kinky ? you use that for se x? hmm

Shelley M says:

Your so beautiful inside and out amazing wigs keep doing you .subscribe check out my videos ✨🌹😘💎😍🎀💟💄💜😬

exactly what I been lookin for and lucky me theirs 5 😂

Thanks for sharing this! I liked all of them except #2. It was not bad, just not for me. They all looked great on you. Great price and very natural looking.

Nia Moriah says:

Help me reach 100 subs ☺️

Holaa ..hacen envíos para España?

thanks I love curly wigs

Beautiful I have been looking for some easy wigs while growing out my natural hair. 😊 thanks! And I love your necklace to simple but I love it!

Aww they look so cute on you! Just my luck my face won't fit any of them.

Can you bleach/ dye these wigs ? Specifically the last wig ?

Keion Wood says:

these wigs are life!!!

Did you do any extra styling to the wigs before you put them on? (other than cutting the lace) or was that how they came when you unboxed them?

Link doesn't work for #3

OMG yes girl !!! I been looking for wig's just like this ! Thanks !!!

+Lovely Bryana OMG! Thank God for you👏! Lol I love your detailed videos! I like the choices of the wigs, they are so pretty, and I like how you explain product in detail thank you so much!!! you have my support always! BTW what color are the wigs?

KiaMonet says:

did you have to do any extra maintenance with the wigs when you got it?

These all look awesome on you!

Girl, you betta werk these wigs 😂😍

Milessa says:

Did you shift the bubble wand wig to a center part or did you create that center part yourself?

I need 3 & 4. Thanks for doing this vid.

Van Sin says:

yasss woman 🙌 slay

MrsNails28 says:

hey i love #2 if you get the time can you tell how you got the bang an how you style it? like was an water an such

all of the units look very beautiful on you thanks for sharing now the hard part is choosing one 😃😃👍👍👍

what's disappointing about your vids is that they seem so rushed sigh

how did you trim wand curl it's a lot of hair but looks good on you

is this sponsored? are they all synthetic? how did you get rid of the shine?

scripter09 says:

All those wigs are pretty, but they're not kinky. 🙁

Badd Galkk says:

Love the first one ,how long did it last you hun

Do you have leave out?

Chevy Bee says:

Can't go wrong either way!

You are a queen for this video

I was like "Oh, I like that one!" and then again for the next and the next…let's just say I loved them all! Gorgeous.

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