5 Girly & Flirty Hairstyles using a $20 Half Wig | Beginners Friendly

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Hi guysssss, I’m so happy to be sharing my first hair tutorial with you all! Let me know in the comment section which one was your fave!

The beauty supply store I bought this wig from doesn’t have a website but I will put the name and address below in case you’re in the Los Angeles area, much love.

P.S. I also make wigs myself so If you are interested in having a wig made, please email me at zaakirahkbeauty@gmail.com – Hair will need to be provided! xo

6 Chic & Trendy hairstyles using a Lace Front Wig:

Aliexpress Human Hair Wig Review: https://youtu.be/jhiLyeC8uic

Sterling Park Beauty Supply
5810 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Products Mentioned:

Outre Quick Weave in the style “Tammy”
(Synthetic Wig)

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Snapchat: @astoldbykirah
Instagram: @zaakirahhk
Email: zaakirahkbeauty@gmail.com
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Thank you for the hair style….

YES!! Thank you for this! I recently bought a half wig that's curly/wavy and was so excited but my blending styles were failing and the top bun was the only one I could use. But now I have a few other ideas to switch up the style! #NewSubbie

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! dang girl! Love this video! Check out ur channel and let us know what you think!

This is the best half wig styling video I've seen on YouTube!

Can you do a video on your makeup pleassssssseeee 💕

I'm totally gonna use this hairstyles when go to Highschool and what kind of hair your using.😍

Leta A. says:

Random question, but I'm working on my YouTube page and I was wondering where did you go to make your banner on your channel homepage?

blueee says:

great video! you've convinced me to buy this wig. how did it hold up tho?

looks natural and cute on you

Girl yu fucking slayed this 😫👸🏽

I just ordered this wig 🙂

Aiwah Ky says:

Gorilla snot 💪🏽😍

This is the cutest wig video ever! DEFINETELY gained a subscriber.

Her highlight didn't come here to play NO GAMES !!! COME THRUUUU HIGHLIGHT

every time you said gorilla snot I had the craziest mental image lol… great video these styles are really cute !!

Hello hun are you natural and if so do u press your hair before you apply the gorilla snot gel to tie it down?

love itttttt def trying this

Your hair is so pretty and fluffy was it blowdried

Mi Moore says:

great video! what is the name of this wig?

I have and love this wig. Subbing.

What website did you order your wig from?

very cute! i would definitely rock it!

Had to subscribe and turn my notifications to on. Great video love. God bless 😘

I went to high school with her lol !! Hey 👋🏽

You are absolutely adorable

I just bought this wig again last night ( I had it years ago and didn't know what to do with it lol) thanks for this video hun I'm definitely going to use this as a guide!!!

THE HAIR THE MAKEUP, GURL YOU IS POPPING! Such a beauty. <3 P.s what length is this wig?

…and, Yes! Style 4 counts! its super cute too!

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