360 lace frontal install! NO GLUE, TAPE, OR GEL

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Hey y’all! I know it’s been a while… A LONG WHILE.. However, I decided to do another frontal tutorial for you guys! This time using the 360 frontal.. In this video I show how to customize and install the 360 lace frontal without any adhesive because everything I do is GLUELESS! Don’t believe me? Check out my instagram for more photos of my installs. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this video! MUAH!

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3 Bundles USED

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Blue Magic on Scalp:

Flat Iron:


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So what do u do if it’s too big?

Where are you from my sister I like this Job

Wow where I can buy it so pretty

i was wondering are you located in jacksonville im loving this

i also was wondering what kind of hair is this

I wish that you resided in Boston😢😢😢😢😭😭😭. Awesome work💕💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗

Kim Belt says:

please how do I reach YOU!!! are you in LA

Kea Short says:

how can I make an apt with you?

Hi, how did you close up the top where you sewed it?

S Angel says:

OMG that how black wonen hair really looks! omg!anyways, remind that chick she is black it’s biZzare to see my exact hair and texture on a black wonen and i don’t get it it looks so strange… the 360 frontal it’s like a wig without a back ! then u got to buy extensions on top of that ! what’s the point am i missin something loljust saying i even know how i would wear my jair if i were black i would have super long braids or that real pretty big afro that looks freakin gorgeous but the european hair just looks bad it just doesn’t suit you and it ruins your look

She looked like Keke Palmer for a minute lol but thats cute asl. You slayed that 💯💯💯

Sabrina H says:

How long does this frontal last?

Why you got to be all the way in Atlanta 😭☹️

OMG WOW Beautiful SKILLZ TALENT whatever you want to call it

And it's called SLAY😎

Was her make up done like that on purpose….

how long can you wear the wig before having to reinstall it?

Her hair is so beautiful and she looks so glamorous. I would like to have my hair done like that but parted to the side a little past the shoulders.

Staciaaa says:

She's gorgeous but her makeup is giving major flashback

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