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HELLO LOVEBUGS!!! (sorry about the weird crop on the video I accidentally recorded it at the wrong frame rate lol) BUT ANYWAYS:

I’ve been getting SOO many questions regarding my wig obsession on social media that I decided to answer them all in this little video for you!!! If you have any more ?’s let me know in the comments (I’ll reply to all of them!)

Link to my regular brown extensions: https://goo.gl/3OlZ1W

Link to buy my grey wig: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/311620228791?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true


Insta/Snap/Twitter: @AmberScholl



Marina Dxc says:

Where did you get the blonde wig from ? x

do a weight loss story video please

amber ive recently learned u want to buy a LOOP brush. do they have sallys beauty in cali ?? lol probably but i bought mie there for 3.99 =]. i thik its supposed to keep it from split ends if thats even possible lol. love ya chica =]

I literally have watched this vid over and over since it was posted.. and then decided to watch it again yesterday… and then i went to amazon and purchased my first wig 😂😂😂😂 omg, exciting!

I want a wig like that but black not grey

a 'dark roots' wig is different than an 'ombre' wig so if you want to use specific terms for looking online. also, if you want the wig to look more natural you can get a little bit of powder foundation/cover up/concealer and just dab a bit of it in the 'part' so that it looks more like you have a natural part where your scalp is showing.

Paola S says:

i'm in love with your channel amber!!💖💖

I literally just bought wigs similar to the one you have because it's so pretty <3 and you're so pretty!…. hopefully it'll be the same quality. I really wanna wear it everyday. Do you shampoo and condition it too? I mean… how do you usually take care of them? I'm so nervous.

u must have a sugar daddy girl! dont lie to me (if not, please wanna work with you)😁

jabs8345 says:

it looks good on you! if you added some layers in the front then it'd shape your face & pluck the part

phạm anh says:

Dear Amber, You look fabulous while on a budget and I am thankful that you share these tips with everybody. Keep it up

omg i love your vids lol you're so fun and adorable!

Thank you for the info!! I kept seeing reviews on the k'ryssma wigs but nothing about the Chantice!! This helped so much!!

amber, love your lace wigs (heat retardant fiber. ….the problem where can I get it from Italian. ………..

SiraGem says:

-they're expensive af

Oh my God talk less and do more!!

Your skin looks so warm toned.

Please do diy designer bags like Chanel

I agree with the comment down below!! I just adore Amber. She is not FAKE!! Just absolutely creative and adorable!! Thank you Amber you are a younger version of me with all your Fab crafts to slay the game of Fashion😎

vu says:

im so ded she though she was cute, girl your part looked like a ass crack

vu says:

and bitch yoou were robbed for that wig

you are the real-est person on youtube and I love you a lot. 💝

Aish says:

i love her sooooo soo sooo much!!!! you're such an inspiration ilysfm! <3

M LUCY KOM says:

Amber please do a bag video

Amber! Im so proud of you
Youre near to 1m! Sub..! 😢❤❤❤

Allie Dunn says:

i know this video is kinda old, but i have a super short pixie and i LOVE it but i also wanna have nice long hair to do fun hairstyles with. but i'm in high school and everyone knows me for my short hair and i don't want to get made fun of or have my wig snatched😭😭 i didn't know if you have a tip to say to people when they ask if you're wearing a wig

Amber do a purse collection video ! Love your channel btw <3

hey im jes says:

Lol I thought the title was ALL ABOUT MY WINGS so I clicked it, and amber was talking abt hairs so I checked again only to find out it's wigs lol

Love you and thank you for being yourself xoxo

Dee Luther says:

💙😙😙😙😙😻😻😻LovE thiS VideO😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍💙

Dear Amber ,you are one of the most genuine youtubers out there.And I hope all the best for you because you deserve nothing less.From your wigs to your ferraris (get one girl) remember we have been there and we always will.Love you ♡ If you are reading this go through the old comments.They will make you feel really good ^.^ ♡ Congratulations on 1 million.You deserve it ♡

schedom says:

I'm I the only one who thinks that Amber's natural hair is pretty AF 😂😑❤️ ly amber xxx en congrats on 1 million 🍾🎊 💖

ooo what is this gem i just found @2017amber 😂

tr r says:

Wigs are a pain
I'm a cosplayer, so people walk into my room to see pink, black, blonde, etc wigs lying all over on random old doll heads and stands
Like I'm sorry
I swear I'm not a psycho

Gurl You Know I Fucking Love You But . . . "Gurl Look How Fucking Orange You Look" Hahaha Love Yah Gurl 😂✌️😘👍😺
#15BucksToThoseWhoGetTheReference 🤑💵💰

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